About Us


VloreLuxuryLoks,LLC is a company dedicated to hair. We are a company that treasures ethical values and upholds its reputation as an importer of hair products of the highest grade. We pride ourselves sourcing virgin hair directly from donors with hair that is free from synthetic fibers and of certified human origin. 

As a US-based company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, we guarantee that our extensions are our own. Our hair is imported directly from overseas. Our hair are raw ponytails cut directly off the donor's head which is sourced by our teams. The hair is kept in its natural alignment with cuticles lying in one direction and is then shipped to our headquarters as bulk or wefted pieces. We prep the hair by cleaning them organically. Our experienced staff proceeds to sanitize and inspect the pieces thoroughly before it is shipped out to you.

We DO NOT practice any of the industry practices which are utilized from competitors such as de-scaling, bleaching, removing cuticle layers, adding synthetic fibers, coating with silicone layers and/or compromising the integrity or longevity in any way. We strive to enhance the intrinsic virtues of virgin human hair by preserving it responsibly.

Our mission is to provide quality hair, innovation, value, and customer satisfaction where we can provide a shopping experience that help create lifelong customer relationships.