How is hair handled prior to arriving at my door?

Before hair is distributed to our clients, it is inspected, cleaned and/or conditioned. Due to the nature of our product, and because each individual piece comes from a one donor, we cannot guarantee hair color or texture. We insure quality hair is delivered with every order.


How long will my hair last?

The longevity of your Vlore Luxury Loks extensions primarily depends on the daily and overall care provided to the hair.


Are all bundles the same?

No. Our hair is  virgin hair that has been clean and kept intact. Virgin hair is distinct and no two heads of hair is exactly alike. Our photos are meant to give you a good idea of the texture and color. We cannot guarantee that each bundle will be the same color, wave, straight, and or curly texture.


Can I cut the weft?

We advise that you don’t cut your weft, unless you absolutely need to. However if you do cut your weft, please seal your weft as to prevent shedding.


Can I flat iron my hair?

Yes. Our hair is natural human hair. You can flat iron, blow-dry, or dye hair. Excessive heat used on the hair, just like the hair on your head, can cause damage.  We recommend that you air dry after a wash.


Can I dye my hair?

You may dye your hair. We recommend that you have an experienced Stylist dye your hair  to match the color that toy desire.


How many bundles do I need for a full sew-in?

You need 2-3 bundles for a full sew-in. For lengths 18 inches and longer we recommend 3 -4 bundles.


Do you have a wholesale program?



What are your shipping timeframes?

Processing Time is 5-7 Business Days. Shipping is 1-3 business days. Please plan accordingly. 


What color are my bundles?

In general, all of our hair comes in a natural black or brown color.  It is not guaranteed to receive same color, although we try our best to send same color. Please be prepared to dye your bundles to match your exact hair color.


What is the origin of iLuvWigs Collection?

In an effort to protect our brand we do not disclose the origin of iLuvWigs Collection. However we can say that our hair is full cuticle human hair that is LONG LASTING. Don’t get caught in the trend, seek longevity and quality.


How many ounces come in a bundle?

Approximately  3.5 oz.


Why is my hair shedding?

The hair is not shedding. What happens after the wefting process, there are some loose hairs caught with the “body” ok of your bundles that are not attached to the weft. This is NORMAL.  As part of the post-weft process we try our best to remove all loose hairs, but it is possible that some loose hairs may still be present. We expect that you will notice a few strands when you brush and when you have your initial wash. The “shedding” should stop after that however you may expect an average 2-3 strands a day going forward. Please note that some bundles may have considerably more loose hairs than others. These bundles may require several more brush outs and washes before the “shedding” stops.


Do you accept Returns?

Vlore Luxury Loks does not issue refunds for any reason or circumstance. In the event you need to exchange your hair, you will need to do so within 48 hours by notifying Vlore Luxury Loks via phone, email, or website. If you need to exchange hair that been ordered via the website the purchaser is responsible for all return fees associated with shipping and postage. The hair needs to be in its original state and packaging, exactly how it was sold to you including security tamper closures, tags, bags and original receipt. The hair should not be used or altered such as combed, brushed, picked out, cut, processed, rinsed, perm, bleached or colored, etc. All exchanges are subject to the approval of management. There is no EXCHANGE for special orders.


Can I Make Changes To My Order?

We strive on processing and shipping orders out as soon as possible, orders cannot be altered once payment is complete.


Can I swim in the hair?

Yes. We recommend wearing a swim cap whenever you go swimming. The chlorine/salt will make the hair dry and brittle, just as it dies our own hair. Even using a swim cap does not completely keep the chlorinated/salt water out. You should always plan on washing your hair after swimming.


Should I seal my wefts?

Great quality virgin hair can last for years. However, wefts may need a little extra support sometimes to withstand the combing, brushing, sewing needle punctures, etc. that can occur over time. If you choose to seal your wefts, please check online for the best sealers to use.


How do I dry the hair?

To achieve the best results, let the hair AIR DRY. If you are in a rush, use a blow dryer with a diffuser on the end (for wavy hair). If you try to blow dry wavy hair without a diffuser, it will have a straightening effect on the wavy hair.


What Products do I use on the hair?

We recommend using Pantene DreamCare Moisture Renewal or any other high quality sulfate-free shampoo. In addition you should also select a rich moisturizing conditioner. DO NOT use 2-n-1 shampoo/conditioners. Remember shampoo is for cleansing and removing residue. Conditioners are for depositing on the hair. Use them separately.


How can I make a payment?

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted via PayPal.


Is my personal information secure?

All financial information is secure through our credit card processor. We do not sell any information. The only information we use is to prepare your shipment.


What are your Hours of operation?

Our business hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10am to 5pm. Hours are subject to changed due to seasons or holidays.



Your order will normally be shipped via USPS to the address you provide. Tracking numbers are sent to your email address as soon as soon as a shipping label is created. If you do not receive a tracking number, please let us know. Use your USPS tracking to track your package in transit. Incomplete or incorrect address information is the major cause of shipment delays. Please check the address information on your order. Make sure you have included ALL the information (address, apt#, etc.) needed to deliver your package.

Due to problems with missing shipments and fraud attempts, we ship all packages with SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION. Meaning, someone must be there to sign for the package. USPS will usually make several attempts to deliver your package. They may also leave a notice of their attempts to deliver at the delivery address and give you a telephone number to call for pick-up or to arrange an alternate delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to arrange for package pick-up,if necessary. No refunds will be issued for refused or abandoned shipments.


If you have tracked your package and there is a discrepancy in delivery information or it has been lost in transit please contact us by email immediately. We will contact USPS right away and initiate a trace for your package and have them start an investigation. This investigation can take up to 8-10 business days but we cannot control how long it may take. If it is determined that your shipment has been lost a replacement will be sent pending USPS's investigation results. If the product comes returned to us as undeliverable, we will contact you and re-ship the item at our expense depending on the situation.