Virgin Hair Facts

Women in Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia are NOT SHAVING THEIR HEADS

Ladies please stop wasting your hard earned money on companies selling fake "virgin Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian" hair! All of it is cheap low-quality processed hair from China. You can easily tell its fake because all their bundles of hair look exactly alike with the same wave or curl patterns, which are achieved by heavily processing the hair. ( acid washing, mixing in synthetic and animal hair, etc.) 

Real virgin hair does not come in deep curly and wet and wavy etc., and there is no such thing as Grade 6A or 7A and so on. They're just marketing gimmicks!!...Real virgin hair only comes in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, and Natural Curly patterns. Every bundle will be unique because each bundle comes from a different woman. Women in Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia are not shaving their heads, but millions of women in India are willingly shaving their heads due to their religious beliefs. 

**We do provide an Afro, Kinky Coily texture to cater to those who demand those textures. However, we do not chemical process the Indian hair. This hair is steamed processed only.**  

Our company buys the hair directly from the temples in India. We can PROVE & GUARANTEE we have 100% unprocessed AUTHENTIC virgin hair that came STRAIGHT FROM THE HEAD!

FACT: There are more Hindu women in India that believe in the practice of sacrificing hair, than the ENTIRE populations of Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia COMBINED!