SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)
SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)
SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)
SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)

SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)

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About The SwigCap

We are very excited to introduce the SwigCap. It is the first designed silk wig cap on the market today. The SwigCap is highly effective in protecting your hair from damage while you wear full wigs, half wigs and lace wigs. Our patent pending design infuses the functionality of a nylon or polyester wigcap, which is sold in local beauty supply stores today, covers your entire head of hair without the damage and breakage.


SwigCap v Wig Cap

  • The SwigCap is comprised of 19mm pure silk material which are natural fibers. Marketed Wig Caps is comprised of either nylon, wool, polyester, or cotton materials which are synthetic fibers.
  • The  SwigCap is non drying and prevents damage to the hair. Wig Caps are drying while soaking the moisture out of the hair shaft and can cause split ends to occur.
  • The SwigCap helps prevent thinning and breakage around the perimeter of the hair because the hair is rubbed against a silk natural material. Wig caps are known to cause thinning and breakage due to the synthetic fibers that are damaging to the hair.
  • The SwigCap is a better insulator which retains moisture and luster in our hair. Wig Caps rob the moisture and luster from our hair.
  • The SwigCap is a secure comfortable fit that does not cause slippage underneath the wig while wearing throughout the day. Wig Caps are very tight around the hair which will not only cause thinning and breakage but needs to be adjusted throughout the day.
  • The SwigCap is very durable and will last a very long time. Wig Caps are comprised of cheap stocking like material that will tear very easily and will not remain its shape after a good number of uses.
  • The SwigCap can be worn as a night cap if you prefer. The Wig Cap cannot be worn as a night cap.

Why Wear The SwigCap

Worldwide stylists have recommended the use of silk head wraps for years. Silk natural fibers not only help keep our hair in top condition but has been used by royals for years to keep hair looking beautiful. Hair naturally glides on silk which allow it to grow healthier and longer. Silk is also known to be anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. Silk fibers prevent frizz, split ends, minimizing hair breakage while retaining your hair natural moisture balance. Therefore, wig wears should not stop at just wearing wigs for protective styling but also need to take care and consider what is underneath the wig with proper hair care. All wig wearers need the SwigCap as part of their protective styling regimen.


*Keeps hairstyles fresher longer
*Prevents split ends naturally, minimizing hair breakage
*Used for centuries by royals to keep hair looking beautiful
*Made up of 19amino acids
*Helps keep hair's natural moisture balance
*Prevents frizz
*Let's hair and scalp breath
*A natural fiber
*Recommended by hairstylists worldwide
*Hair naturally glides on silk
*Keeps hair from drying out 
*Is anti-fungal (can help stop and prevent dandruff)
*Hair grows longer, healthier

SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)
SwigCap (Silk Wig Cap)